Evening Wedding & Reception - Calypso Queen

The Calypso Queen was a magnificent place to hold a wedding! From the ease of booking and help with planning, to the actual event, everything was EASY!

The pre-planning was a breeze with the help of the staff at CQ. We felt very confident with their help. We met in the early afternoon on board, and with the staff’s help, we set up our cupcake table, and the gift table. And that’s all we had to do except show up!!!

The wedding took place on the top deck of the CQ, and was officiated by the ship’s captain. It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day, and it was a beautiful setting.

The reception was on the bottom deck, and turned out great.  The food was delicious, the servers and the bartender did a great job!  The DJ was wonderful, she knew all of the music for all of the ages at the reception. We had so many compliments on the entire event, and more than one person said it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding!

And it was economical too. After pricing venues, food, alcohol, decorations etc. at other venues, and comparing them to CQ, it was a no-brainer! I can’t say enough about the staff on the boat, what a wonderful crew! 

Thanks Calypso Queen for making this wedding memorable!!

- Kelly & Beau R.
October 2014


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