Evening Wedding & Reception Cruise - StarLite Majesty

Let me briefly describe our wedding day experience leading up to our arrival at the StarLite Majesty for our actual nuptials and reception…

My husband and I (having been together 10 years prior to our marriage) dispensed with some of the wedding traditions like staying apart before the wedding. We woke up and had breakfast, going over the events to come with our family, getting everyone on the same page. 

My husband insisted we then go to the bakery because he was concerned about our wedding cake and to make sure the actual baker we chose was doing our cake (a few days prior - someone else had actually mixed up our order with another wedding). 

Then we set out to the salon for our hair and makeup appointments. When we arrived at the salon, we were told that our hairdresser mistakenly overbooked her day and that my 3 hour (+) appointment was no longer a possibility. I was so upset and melted into a pool of tears. However, one of the girls there came up to me and told me that she had a few cancellations that day and could do my hair and makeup if I was okay with her doing that. Reluctantly and without any other choice, I accepted.

Afterwards, my husband and I returned home to find everyone in our house frantically looking for my older son's lost wallet. My husband and I joined the search until I finally became frustrated enough to tell everyone that I had had enough. 

After a few minutes and a few choice words airing my complaint, we all set off for the marina. When we reached the marina, I was a feeling anxious and was a ball of nerves, trying not to cry and ruin my makeup - which made my anxiety worse. From the minute I walked into the StarLite Majesty office and was ushered into the boat by Doug, our host for the event, the stress started to melt away.

I had been allowed to drop off my wedding favors, table centerpieces, gift box, guest book, etc. the day before my wedding (thank you so much for that! - that was a Godsend). When I dropped everything off, StarLite told me that you could put the items on the table if I explained what I wanted, which I tried telling you what I had in mind and how I wanted everything to look and how the wedding should flow. Frankly, I left telling myself that we would just have to settle and to accept however things turned out.

Upon our stepping foot onboard the Starlite Majesty we were so wonderfully surprised by how everything looked. I changed nothing and added nothing - it was absolutely perfect. StarLite Majesty's staff/crew had taken our vision for our wedding and brought it to life. They had set up everything better than we could have ever expected. Again, I touched nothing. It was truly breathtaking. 

This was so much of a shock, that my husband and I just stood there in awe for several minutes looking around and drinking it all in until we both teared up at the beauty and the anticipation of the wonderful evening ahead. We had walked onto the boat stressed and literally a ball of nerves, but at that moment, the stress dissipated and we were rejuvenated with so much energy, joy and anticipation for the upcoming event. 

I am not exaggerating when I say that from that moment and throughout the remainder of the evening, my husband and I were able to enjoy every moment and every nuance of our wedding. We have been left with the most wonderful memories, which we carry with us and we always will.

Although we thanked everyone that night, we wanted to take a moment today to again thank all of you at the StarLite Majesty for helping to make our wedding one of the very best days of our lives. 

- Kimberlee & John M.
October 2014



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