Evening Dinner Charter - Calypso Queen

We have an annual insurance adjuster and client conference every year and we chose Tampa for the 2015 conference. We wanted to take our adjusters and clients on an evening cruise after a full day of classes and thought the Calypso Queen would be a good relaxing cruise that everyone could unwind on. 

Everyone was excited and luck just was not on our side. As we traveled down Hwy 60 from our hotel we were enveloped with fog. I was in panic mode and didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived we were told not to worry and to go ahead and board. 

The ship was very clean and welcoming and the staff was outstanding greeting us. We had a large enough group that we had the vessel to ourselves. Our captain told me we were going to just ease out along the channel markers safely and let us have dinner and dancing and then return. 

Being a flat lander I was somewhat concerned, but our captain did a great job!!!  As for the food, drinks, DJ and staff that catered to us, they were top notch and did a great job entertaining us. The food was fabulous!!! 

Everyone laughed and had a great time poking fun at the flatlander’s sunset cruise, but all in all it was terrific and a great relaxing time. I am considering now doing the StarLite cruise for my clients appreciation cruise. 

I would suggest these cruise lines to anyone that wants to have a good time and relax. Know the staff will go out of their way to make it a memorable cruise.

- Mike M.
February 2015


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