Evening College Graduation Party Private Charter - StarLite Majesty

I decided to have my college graduation party on the StarLite Majesty yacht in May for all of my friends and family. We chartered the boat and had about 125 people on board. I graduated from UCF, so I was also allowed to decorate with some black and gold balloons for the tables - it also didn't hurt that the black and gold carpet went perfectly with my theme as well!

We started off the evening with cocktails and passed appetizers on the second deck so that everyone could socialize and start to enjoy themselves. When we left the dock, everyone dispersed throughout the boat to check out the views and enjoy the beautiful night.

It was great that we could walk around the boat while we were cruising so we could all enjoy the top outer deck and comfortable lounge area. You can’t beat the amazing views we had and the photo opportunities with the setting sun too.

When it was time of the meal service, we made our way back down to our dining tables. I was very satisfied with the attentive service and the wide selection of meals prepared on board. I recommend the pork osso bucco, which was a large portion of really tender, fall-off-the-bone roasted pork with a light sauce.

Once we were done with the meal service, the DJ really picked up the music and played to the crowd. A few days before the cruise, I gave her suggestions for some of the music that I would like played. She did a great job of reading my guests by mixing in songs that my friends and I wanted to hear as well as my parents and their friends. She was very open to requests as well.

The night turned out to be a huge success and all of my friends and family were raving about how much fun they had. It was hard to get everyone off the dance floor once the boat was back at the dock!

All in all, I would recommend the Majesty for groups that are looking to have a nice venue with great scenery and a fun experience. We’ll definitely be cruising with StarLite again!

- Heather H.
May 2014


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