Evening Wedding & Reception Cruise - StarLite Majesty

I’m excited to tell you about our experience aboard the Starlite Majesty for our wedding. David and I had been together over 8 years when we finally decided to tie the knot. It was out of the blue and something we hadn’t been planning for. Neither one of us wanted to wait any longer than necessary to become Mr. and Mrs. so we started looking at our options.

At first we were leaning towards a traditional Florida beach wedding. After looking at all the options I felt we could get more for our money. Somewhere along my numerous internet searches I came along the Starlite sunset dinner cruises that advertised weddings. Immediately I was hooked!  The décor was beautiful, no set up/clean up hassles and a killer view.

I contacted the cruise line by email to ask for more information. After a few messages back and forth with Sadie we made an appointment to tour the boat. She greeted us at the office that morning and took us right on board. The crew was busy preparing for a lunch cruise, but they were still very friendly. Sadie took us on each level of the ship and explained how the ceremony would work and what our options would be for each area. The interior of the ship was amazing and would be perfect for our intimate wedding party. She answered all our questions and we made a deposit for our July 2nd wedding before leaving that day. 

About 3 weeks out from our event date we had a meeting with June to finalize the details of the ceremony. She was very calming and mother- like which put me at ease.  We went over the entire day and ensured me I had absolutely nothing to worry about. She went over the details of the ceremony and we opted to have the Captain officiate. We looked at the dinner choices our guests would have(10 in all) and beverage service options. She gave us a layout of the tables so we could have a visual of where the bridal party would be seated, our guests, the cake table and gift/guest book table. I’m grateful for her amount of detail because it made us think about other details we hadn’t even considered.

The big day is finally here and I’m a bundle of nerves. Me and my bridal party arrived about an hour before the ceremony. We followed the advice given and my bridesmaids were ready from head to toe and I just had to get into my dress. Doug was assigned to take care of every one of our needs, wants and concerns. He brought us to the 2nd level of the ship and the dressing area which was separated by a curtain so I was out of view. He was very calm and took me step by step through the entire evening. Doug took the favors we brought and distributed them around the place settings, got our cake table set up and prepared the guest book/ gift table.  At that time Sandy introduced herself and said she would also be helping Doug and taking care of our guests. They put me at ease and I was able to concentrate on getting ready. They literally took care of absolutely every detail!

About 20 minutes before the ceremony the Captain came in and introduced himself. He took us through every step of the ceremony. We knew how and when we were walking out, where we were standing, how the ceremony would go and how we would walk out of the ceremony site. Along with the rest of the crew, he had a way of putting me at ease and explaining everything in detail. Before I knew it, it was time to take that walk down the aisle. The ceremony itself was beautiful and I was so excited to slip that ring on his finger. We had time to go around the ship and take photos before the public was able to board the ship. They accommodated my party very nicely and we were the only people on the 2nd level. It was like having our own private boat for the evening.

Once everyone was on board the crew made their safety announcements and the ship was leaving the dock. At that time “our song” was played for our first dance as husband and wife. Our dinner orders were taken and it was time to party! They had a live band that played a variety of music and kept the crowd dancing. Doug was there every step of the way guiding us through speeches, our champagne toast, dinner, the cake cutting and always concerned that we were happy and enjoying ourselves.

I was so sad knowing the ship was approaching the docks and this beautiful night would soon be over.  Sandy and Doug made sure the remaining cake was boxed up, our gifts and guest book were repackaged, they washed our champagne flutes and put them back in the box and helped us off the ship. 

All we had to do was show up and the amazing staff and crew of the Majesty took care of the rest. It was no hassle and stress free. Two months later our guests continue to talk about the amazing experience they had that evening. We truly appreciate everything about that night and can’t wait to return for our 1 year anniversary.

- Donna G
July 2014



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