• Weddings

    Have your wedding and reception aboard one of our dining yachts for a unique and unforgetable event. Have just a few close friends by your side, or privately charter an entire vessel for exclusivity. A wedding specialist will be available every step of the way, from planning seating to arranging centerpieces.

  • Group Celebrations

    Our dining vessels can accommodate any size for your group celebration, ranging from 2-280 people. StarLite Cruises is a great host for birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, graduations, sweet sixteens, mitzbahs, holiday parties, corporate meetings and any other type of celebration imaginable.

  • Collegiate Social Events

    Our casual Calypso Queen cruise is the perfect venue for fun and unique collegiate socials. Our house DJ makes sure your group has a great time. Complimentary beer, wine, rum punch and sodas are also included in our affordable prices. Opt for one of our StarLite Dining Yachts for a formal or semi-formal event.

Evening Wedding & Reception - Calypso Queen

The Calypso Queen was a magnificent place to hold a wedding! From the ease of booking and help with planning, to the actual event, everything was EASY!

The pre-planning was a breeze with the help of the staff at CQ. We felt very confident with their help. We met in the early afternoon on board, and with the staff’s help, we set up our cupcake table, and the gift table. And that’s all we had to do except show up!!!

The wedding took place on the top deck of the CQ, and was officiated by the ship’s captain. It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day, and it was a beautiful setting.

The reception was on the bottom deck, and turned out great.  The food was delicious, the servers and the bartender did a great job!  The DJ was wonderful, she knew all of the music for all of the ages at the reception. We had so many compliments on the entire event, and more than one person said it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding!

And it was economical too. After pricing venues, food, alcohol, decorations etc. at other venues, and comparing them to CQ, it was a no-brainer! I can’t say enough about the staff on the boat, what a wonderful crew! 

Thanks Calypso Queen for making this wedding memorable!!

- Kelly & Beau R.
October 2014

Evening Wedding Reception - StarLite Sapphire

My wife Kelly and I first stumbled across the StarLite Sapphire in our mad scramble to put together our wedding on short notice. We had received unfortunate news about the health of a close member of our family and made the decision to move our wedding date up 7 months to a new date a mere 15 days away!

In the chaotic days that followed we had moments where we weren't sure we would be able to pull it off or that if we did, what we could put together with such short notice would surely wind up in stories not about a magical evening but about an unprepared train wreck that we would always regret.

One of the important aspects of our original wedding was to have a beautiful reception that would be memorable and fun for everyone to cap off the day's events. While I certainly wouldn't recommend trying to plan a wedding and a reception in 15 days we would never have been able to pull it off if it weren't for the fantastic staff at StarLite and the crew of the StarLite Sapphire.

My every interaction with anyone affiliated with StarLite was more than I could have asked for and they were able to help us put together a dinner reception cruise for 45 people complete with dancing, speeches, and cake cutting all on incredibly short notice. We were always treated with great kindness, which was of immense relief when we were dealing with all the confusion and commotion with our planning process and I will be forever grateful for the professionalism and decency with which we were treated. 

When the big day quickly passed in the flurry of activity known to all new couples, we made our way out to the dock and were both still quite nervous. Although we had a very good impression and had seen some encouraging pictures we hadn't had enough time to actually come out to tour the ship or see any of the setup for the reception in person ahead of time.

We were both blown away with the result. We had reserved the 2nd deck of the StarLite Sapphire and they had created a wonderful private dining atmosphere for us and our guests. It was the perfect blend of fancy but not stuffy and the service was excellent.

Many of our guests not only complemented the meals themselves but also the large selection of options (when was the last reception you've been to that boasted more than 8 entree choices?) and the wonderful presentation. 

Our guests also loved the unique atmosphere of having a floating reception as we cruised along the intracoastal waterway. I would highly recommend the second deck if you have a large enough group as everyone enjoyed the easy access to the back deck, which is open to the air and provides great views of the scenery as you cruise by.

Considering how quickly everything had come together the crew also did a superb job of giving us a quick outline of the evening's proceedings as far as helping us to figure out when people should give their speeches, when we would be dancing, and when we would be cutting the cake. As this was another aspect we hadn't had the time to completely iron out we were so impressed by the ease and comfort with which the crew helped us sort out these last minute details and still managed to execute them in a way that appeared well rehearsed to everyone else.

Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better experience and I heard nothing but good things from all of our wedding guests. Again. I cannot overstate how grateful we both are that we were still able to have the reception we'd always imagined but that we were able to incorporate the unique atmosphere and unrivaled professionalism of the StarLite Sapphire! 

- Kelly & Shane M.
February 2015

Evening Wedding & Reception Charter - StarLite Majesty

We as families want to thank you, Doug, and your staff for everything!

It was a magical, adventurous, fun and delicious wedding event! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.  Doug was wonderful and so helpful with every detail from knowing just where to put the favors and programs to making sure all the event happenings occurred on time. 

The dinner was awesome and the trip, as always, beautiful!!  The music was stunning from Nancy and I would recommend her talent for any and every occasion.  It was so very lovely!!!

Thank you everyone again.  Also, your waitress staff was impeccable and we appreciate all they provided for us!! 

- The Preslock and Johns Families
November 2014

Evening Wedding & Reception Cruise - StarLite Majesty

Let me briefly describe our wedding day experience leading up to our arrival at the StarLite Majesty for our actual nuptials and reception…

My husband and I (having been together 10 years prior to our marriage) dispensed with some of the wedding traditions like staying apart before the wedding. We woke up and had breakfast, going over the events to come with our family, getting everyone on the same page. 

My husband insisted we then go to the bakery because he was concerned about our wedding cake and to make sure the actual baker we chose was doing our cake (a few days prior - someone else had actually mixed up our order with another wedding). 

Then we set out to the salon for our hair and makeup appointments. When we arrived at the salon, we were told that our hairdresser mistakenly overbooked her day and that my 3 hour (+) appointment was no longer a possibility. I was so upset and melted into a pool of tears. However, one of the girls there came up to me and told me that she had a few cancellations that day and could do my hair and makeup if I was okay with her doing that. Reluctantly and without any other choice, I accepted.

Afterwards, my husband and I returned home to find everyone in our house frantically looking for my older son's lost wallet. My husband and I joined the search until I finally became frustrated enough to tell everyone that I had had enough. 

After a few minutes and a few choice words airing my complaint, we all set off for the marina. When we reached the marina, I was a feeling anxious and was a ball of nerves, trying not to cry and ruin my makeup - which made my anxiety worse. From the minute I walked into the StarLite Majesty office and was ushered into the boat by Doug, our host for the event, the stress started to melt away.

I had been allowed to drop off my wedding favors, table centerpieces, gift box, guest book, etc. the day before my wedding (thank you so much for that! - that was a Godsend). When I dropped everything off, StarLite told me that you could put the items on the table if I explained what I wanted, which I tried telling you what I had in mind and how I wanted everything to look and how the wedding should flow. Frankly, I left telling myself that we would just have to settle and to accept however things turned out.

Upon our stepping foot onboard the Starlite Majesty we were so wonderfully surprised by how everything looked. I changed nothing and added nothing - it was absolutely perfect. StarLite Majesty's staff/crew had taken our vision for our wedding and brought it to life. They had set up everything better than we could have ever expected. Again, I touched nothing. It was truly breathtaking. 

This was so much of a shock, that my husband and I just stood there in awe for several minutes looking around and drinking it all in until we both teared up at the beauty and the anticipation of the wonderful evening ahead. We had walked onto the boat stressed and literally a ball of nerves, but at that moment, the stress dissipated and we were rejuvenated with so much energy, joy and anticipation for the upcoming event. 

I am not exaggerating when I say that from that moment and throughout the remainder of the evening, my husband and I were able to enjoy every moment and every nuance of our wedding. We have been left with the most wonderful memories, which we carry with us and we always will.

Although we thanked everyone that night, we wanted to take a moment today to again thank all of you at the StarLite Majesty for helping to make our wedding one of the very best days of our lives. 

- Kimberlee & John M.
October 2014


Afternoon Lunch Cruise - Calypso Queen

- Cheryl M
December 2014

Evening Dinner Charter - Calypso Queen

We have an annual insurance adjuster and client conference every year and we chose Tampa for the 2015 conference. We wanted to take our adjusters and clients on an evening cruise after a full day of classes and thought the Calypso Queen would be a good relaxing cruise that everyone could unwind on. 

Everyone was excited and luck just was not on our side. As we traveled down Hwy 60 from our hotel we were enveloped with fog. I was in panic mode and didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived we were told not to worry and to go ahead and board. 

The ship was very clean and welcoming and the staff was outstanding greeting us. We had a large enough group that we had the vessel to ourselves. Our captain told me we were going to just ease out along the channel markers safely and let us have dinner and dancing and then return. 

Being a flat lander I was somewhat concerned, but our captain did a great job!!!  As for the food, drinks, DJ and staff that catered to us, they were top notch and did a great job entertaining us. The food was fabulous!!! 

Everyone laughed and had a great time poking fun at the flatlander’s sunset cruise, but all in all it was terrific and a great relaxing time. I am considering now doing the StarLite cruise for my clients appreciation cruise. 

I would suggest these cruise lines to anyone that wants to have a good time and relax. Know the staff will go out of their way to make it a memorable cruise.

- Mike M.
February 2015